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Questions & Answers

Is the total cost of $50 for all three conference date sessions? Or is the cost $50 for each conference date session?
$50 total for the conference.

Do families have to attend all three sessions in order to attend the conference?
It is preferred to have them attend all three sessions, however, it is ok to attend the preferred day. They will be registered for all three days.

Do families have to mail in their registrations? Or can they e-mail them to feria.partnership@gmail.com?
If is preferred for them to mail it in with their Approved POS document. However, if the Service Provider can email me their approved POS document that would be ok.

Who are the parent facilitators that I can contact?
Manuela Valdez, FERIA Parent Facilitator
email: mvaldez@sdsu.edu
phone: (619) 770-7593

Beatriz Hernandez, FERIA Parent Facilitator
email: chemburgos52@gmail.com
phone: (619) 708-0963

Who do I contact regarding registration questions?
Dr. Rebecca Sapien-Melchor, FERIA Conference Coordinator
email: feria.partnership@gmail.com
phone: (619) 890-6624

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