10th Annual FERIA Partnership Conference

Conference Date: Saturday, October 19, 2024
Fecha de la conferencia: sábado, 19 de octubre de 2024

The FERIA Partnership Conference is a culturally and linguistically appropriate meaningful, practical and useful productive one-day conference for 300 Latino parents, caregivers and professionals working with special needs students from Pre-School, K-12 and Adults. A primary focus is on home- school-community collaboration. The conference is a collaborative effort between, (F) Families, (E) Educators, (R) Resources (I) IHE’s, and (A) Agencies working together = Equal Student SUCCESS!

Our Vision

The purpose and vision of the FERIA Partnership Annual Conference Collaborative is to empower Latino families and provide them the knowledge to effectively support their children with special needs from cradle to college to adult life as well as to assist them in attaining their optimal learning potential through a culturally and linguistically responsive home, school and community collaborative in San Diego county, including a high school student leadership/self-advocacy and professional strand.

Feria Partnership Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the FERIA home, school and community partnership is to provide an inclusive culturally and linguistically responsive conference environment, which creates a learning environment developed by Latino family voices. Professionals and parents will learn about evidence-based programs, home/school language and literacy strategies, agencies and organizations available in the local community. Identify resources that supports the social, emotional and academic development of their children and which will result in fostering student success that prepares individuals with special needs to be contributing members of society and to participate successfully in our local as well as our global community.

Motto: “We Build Latino Parent and Student Leadership”

Parent Testimonials

“Loved the speaker and content. I wish and hope this workshop can be given to every family starting the process. Extremely helpful and empowering.”

– Let’s Get Organized: IEP Record Keeping Workshop