3rd Annual FERIA Partnership Conference

Saturday, November 4, 2017
8:00 AM – 3:30 PM (PST)

The Voices of Latino Families: Cultural Understanding + Inclusion + Quality Education = EMPOWERMENT

Our goal is to provide families in the South Bay and San Diego area with educational information to better support their children’s education, mental health well-being and access to community resources.

Keynote Speaker

Alex Montoya

Alex Montoya speaks to audiences about overcoming obstacles and succeeding in business, education, and service. Drawing on his experiences as a triple amputee from birth, Alex blends emotion and humorous anecdotes into his presentations.

Alex has also achieved the following:

  • Bestowed a 2017 “San Diego Award” for life coaching
  • Member of the San Diego City Schools Hall of Fame as one of the first students mainstreamed from special education
  • Was a 1996 Olympic Torch carrier
  • Has appeared in the films Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report and the television series Pitch

Alex earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame, a Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco, and has also completed a Personal Development certification program at Harvard University, where he has also spoken.

Alex Montoya is an award-winning author and international speaker. As the owner of A-MOtivational Communications, he delivers presentations to businesses, schools, conferences, churches, and more. Prior to launching his business in 2015, he oversaw Hispanic community outreach for the San Diego Padres baseball club and Hispanic Chamber.

Alex has authored four books:

  • Swinging for the Fences (2008)
  • The Finish Line (2012)
  • See the Good (2016)
  • Wolfpack (2017)

Workshop Topics

Our workshops are presented by experienced speakers that work closely within our San Diego community and the topics we discuss are determined by what our community needs the most.

This workshop will cover information on speech and language development of first and second languages from birth to grade school as well as the many ways you can help stimulate language development with your child in the home setting.
Information on how second language is acquired and how to help your child be a successful English Language Learner (ELL). Information will also be presented on why a child is experiencing difficulty with learning the second language.

Grade: Early Years of Middle School
Presenter: Debbie Muñoz

The sexuality topic is not an easy topic to talk about, and more difficult when trying to explain this to a special needs child. Parents want to provide the guidance and knowledge their children need to become safe and happy adults. Having special needs children comes with a challenge when attempting to discuss sexuality since it is not an easy topic of discussion. In this workshop I will share ideas on how to present this topic.

Grade: General
Presenter: Clarisa Solis

This workshop will take the participants on a journey from how and when to refer a student for special education, the assessment process, timelines, types of designated services, and factors that must be in place before the IEP is signed.

Grade: Pre-school to Middle School
Presenter: Adelante Project Students

Self-care is an essential survival skill. Self-care refers to activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health and well-being. During the workshop you will develop your self-care plan, you will identify what you value and need as part of your day-to-day life (maintenance self-care) and the strategies you can employ when you are not feeling balanced.

Grade: General
Presenter: Laura Andrews

Learn about the basics of the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process for regional center clients. Get tips for advocating for yourself or your loved one through the IPP process. Learn about the new Self-Determination Program and compare and contrast it to the traditional way of getting services. Find out whether self-determination might be a good fit for you or your loved one.

Grade: General
Presenter: Megan Chambers-Lazet

We will be addressing the basic laws and rights as it pertains to students with Special Needs (IDEA); in reference to access and accommodations. We will discuss the responsibilities of school districts in reference to FAPE and Educational Benefit. In addition, we will cover the pertinent considerations for Assistive Technology in the assessment, consultation and future planning for educational growth and success.

Grade: General
Presenters: Homer Lopez & Dennis Hernandez

This workshop will share ideas and techniques on how parents can set up structures in the home setting for establishing daily routines as well as behavior management strategies. The presenters will also highlight the importance of a home/school collaboration plan and ongoing follow-up and communication.

Grade: General
Presenter: Martin Duarte

Learn about the numerous benefits of engaging in recreational activities and services available in San Diego County. Research demonstrates significant health and social benefits for children and adults who engage in recreational activities. Therapeutic recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation service to support people with disabilities, special needs or other health issues to develop and enhance their health, independence and well-being.

Grade: General
Presenter: Nili Mathews

Parental Resilience in one of the Five Protective Factors identified in the Strengthening Families Framework, evidence- informed approach to building family strengths and a family environment that promotes optimal child development. The Five Protective Factors are coordinated by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. In this resource rich, interactive workshop, parents will determine steps they can take to develop resilience manage stress and practice positivity.

Grade: General
Presenter: Diane Storman

This workshop will take the participants on a journey from how and when to refer a student for special education, the assessment process, timelines, types of designated services, and factors that must be in place before the IEP is signed.

Grade: General
Presenter: Megan Chambers-Lazet

We will teach you the how to set up email, search for information on the Internet, and download critical forms needed to help your students.

Grade: General
Presenters: Homer Lopez & Diego Lugo

Student Leadership Program

Learn from the knowledge of college students who have gone through transitions from high school to college or college to career. Alex Montoya (keynote speaker) will also join us to provide insights into his own experiences. Students and parents will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding access to services, self-advocacy, and transitioning to college.

Grade: High School
Presenter: Alex Montoya & ABLE Club Student Panel (Lupe Arriaga, Karina Mendoza & Rachel Shinkle)

Person-Driven Planning is an ongoing problem-solving process used to help people with disabilities plan for their future. In this session, groups of people will focus on an individual and his/her vision of what they would like to do in the future. A person-driven team will identify opportunities for the student to develop personal relationships, participate in their community, increase control over their own lives, and develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve these goals.

Grade: High School
Presenter: Michelle Strum-Gonzalez & ABLE Club Student Panel (Lupe Arriaga, Karina Mendoza & Rachel Shinkle)

Conference Focus:

  • Parent and Student Education
  • Student Leadership Strand
  • Working with English Learners
  • Quality Education for ALL Children
  • Preschool-Secondary
  • (Home ● School ● Community Connection)

Sponsored By:

  • Southwestern Community College
  • San Diego Regional Center (SDRC)
  • Bonita Optimist Club
  • Molina Health Care
  • Sweetwater Union High School District
  • South County SELPA
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Arc of San Diego
  • Exceptional Family Resource Center (EFRC)
  • The Department of Special Education SDSU
  • Adelante Project, Dual Language ELL Dept. SDSU
  • State Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Harold J. Ballard Parent Center San Diego, Imperial Office
  • Parents Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
  • Mental Health America
  • TASK