2nd Annual FERIA Partnership Conference

“Supporting Latino Families’ Culture & Language: Building Bridges to the Future”

Saturday, November 5, 2016
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (PST)

Our goal is to provide families in the South Bay and San Diego area with educational information to better support their children’s education, mental health well-being and access to community resources.

Invited Speaker

Senator Ben Hueso

Senator Ben Hueso
Ben Hueso was elected in March 2013 to represent the 40th Senate District. The district includes portions of San Diego and all of Imperial County. Hueso previously served as an Assembly member where he championed legislation to create jobs, improve access to healthcare, create housing, secure clean and reliable water, resources, and create safer neighborhoods. Hueso also served as a San Diego City Council member where he was elected as Council President and served on the California Coastal Commission. Hueso holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from UCLA. He and his wife, Laura, live in Logan Heights with their four sons.

Keynote Speaker

Diana Pastora Carson, M.Ed.

Diana Pastora Carson, M.Ed.
Carson is a teacher, author, disability rights advocate, and a consultant and speaker on inclusion and diversity as it relates to disability.Her journey began as a child when her brother was not allowed to go to school because he had a disability. She was overjoyed when a law was passed to allow all children with disabilities to attend school. At school on the playground she was eager to play with her brother until she was stopped by a big metal fence. That day planted a seed of desire for a world where all people truly have the same opportunities.

Workshop Topics

Our workshops are presented by experienced speakers that work closely within our San Diego community and the topics we discuss are determined by what our community needs the most.

Learning how to read and become a fluent reader can be a challenge. But Reading does not have to be a chore. Learn the role of high frequency words and Word families in the development of good readers. Discover fun ways to practice these words at home.

Grade: Early Years of Middle School
Presenter: Derri Ironfield

This workshop will share ideas and techniques on how parents can set up structures in the home setting for establishing daily routines as well as behavior management strategies. The presenters will also highlight the importance of a home/school collaboration plan and ongoing follow-up and communication.

Grade: K-3
Presenters: Martin Duarte & Antonio Arias

This workshop will take the participants on a journey from how and when to refer a student for special education, the assessment process, timelines, types of designated services, and factors that must be in place before the IEP is signed.

Grade: All
Presenters: Dr. Pedro Olvera & Laura Cervantes

The sexuality topic is not an easy topic to talk about, and more difficult when trying to explain this to a special needs child. Parents want to provide the guidance and knowledge their children need to become safe and happy adults. Having special needs children comes with a challenge when attempting to discuss sexuality since it is not an easy topic of discussion. In this workshop I will share ideas on how to present this topic to your children in a casual and direct way without hurting their sensibility.

Grade: All
Presenter: Clarisa Solís

Los grupos de apoyo a padres forman una red de apoyo y guía en el mundo de los servicios dentro de la comunidad de discapacitados del desarrollo desde su nacimiento y hasta tarde en sus vidas.
Un grupo de apoyo es un grupo de extraños que abraza, da sonrisas, da bienvenidas y hace sentir bien porque entiende de rutinas, días / noches largas, comportamientos, llamadas telefónicas y mucho papeleo. Estos padres forman un lazo de comprensión por ser padres de hijos con necesidades especiales.
Los padres aquí se sienten comprendidos y están dispuestos a educarse en una variedad de servicios que les fortalecerá para tomar decisiones informadas en la vida de sus hijos ya que ellos son su voz.

Grade: All
Presenters: Raquel Arce-Vasquez & Diego Lugo

Students with disabilities have the right to have technology considered that will help them learn. This technology can help them read, write, and type in class and do homework and study. Come see the most commonly used technology to help our students learn at school.

Grade: All
Presenters: Dennis Hernandez, Homer Lopez, Dr. Chris Brum

This workshop will provide participants with strategies (linguistic, social-emotional, and academic) to work with children with Autism and ADHD. Both home and school strategies will be discussed.

Grade: K-12
Presenter: Dr. Pedro Olvera

This workshop will share ideas and techniques on how parents can set up structures in the home setting for establishing daily routines as well as behavior management strategies. The presenters will also highlight the importance of a home/school collaboration plan and ongoing follow-up and communication.

Grade: 4-6
Presenters: Martin Duarte & Antonio Arias

This interactive workshop will explain what steps parents can take to prepare for attending an IEP, concerns to address during an IEP, and follow-up actions after an IEP. A handout of resources of available services, educational rights, and advocacy groups will be shared.

Grade: K-12
Presenter: ADELANTE Liaisons, SDSU

This workshop will define what self-determination is, how it differs from traditional services, and establish if it is right for me. We will discuss the five principles of self-determination: freedom, authority, support, responsibility, and confirmation.

Grade: All
Presenter: Michele Geving

We will teach you the how to set up email, search for information on the Internet, and download critical forms needed to help your students.

Grade: All
Presenters: Homer Lopez & Diego Lugo

Student Leadership Program

Student Outcomes:
– Students will learn how to become a leader and self-advocate
– Students will learn from student panel about college to career student experiences
– Students will know how to use 411 Disability Disclosure information on the internet

Grade: 7-12
Presenters: Senator Ben Hueso & ADELANTE Student Panel

Student Outcomes
– Students will understand the flexibility of the brain for continual learning

Grade: 7-12
Presenter: Michelle Strum-Gonzalez

Student Outcomes
– Students will have the tools to self-advocate for their rights by understanding ADA and the IEP process.

Grade: 7-12
Presenter: Jenny Nominni

Conference Focus:

  • Working with English Learners:
    • Self Determination
    • Creating Able Pathways
    • Building Strong Family Support System
    • (Home ● School ● Community Connection)

Sponsored By:

  • The Department of Special Education SDSU
  • Adelante Project, SDSU
  • Southern Area International Languages Network (SAILN), SDSU
  • Dual Language and English Learner Program, SDSU
  • Parents Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Sweetwater Union High School District
  • South County SELPA
  • Harold J. Ballard Parent Center
  • State Council on Developmental Disabilities, San Diego, Imperial Office
  • San Diego Regional Center (SDRC)
  • Disability Rights California
  • Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)
  • Exceptional Family Resource Center
  • The California Southern Optimist Clubs (15)
  • Molina Health Care
  • Arc of San Diego & Other Organizations/Agencies
  • Mental Health America of San Diego County