1st Annual FERIA Partnership Conference

“The Voices of Latino Families: Empowering Educators, Families and Children-Youth with Special Needs”

Saturday, November 7, 2015
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (PST)

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Pedro Olvera, Associate Professor, School Counseling & School Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Pedro Olvera
Associate Professor, School Counseling & School Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Pedro Olvera, Psy.D, L.E.P, is the Director and Associate Professor of the School Psychology program at Azusa Pacific University (APU). He teaches coursework in the area of assessment of ELLs, cognitive assessment, and enhancing collaboration with Latino families. Before joining APU, he was a bilingual school psychologist in Santa Ana, CA.

Workshop Topics
Our workshops are presented by experienced speakers that work closely within our San Diego community and the topics we discuss are determined by what our community needs the most.

In this workshop parents / guardians learn how to integrate activities of daily life, with literacy development. They will learn how it is that daily activities done at home support the teaching of reading and writing in school. These lessons are achieved without using teaching materials. This workshop will be interactive and participants will get to work.

Grade: Pre K-3
Presenters: Marta Leyva & Joyce Clark

Learning how to read and become a fluent reader can be a challenge. But reading does not have to be a chore. Learn the role of high frequency words and word families in the development of good readers. Discover fun ways to practice these words at home.

Grade: K-3
Presenter: Derri Ironfield

Participants will learn how to express their feeling through art. The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

Grade: All
Presenters: Amanda Cox & Hernandez Andrews

This workshop will take the participants on a journey from how and when to refer a student for special education, the assessment process, timelines, types of designated services, and factors that must be in place before the IEP is signed.

Grade: All
Presenters: Dr. Pedro Olvera & Laura Cervantes

Assistive Technology It’s the law! IDEA now requires that ALL students with an IEP be considered for Assistive Technology. The IEP team makes decisions about assistive technology devices and services based on your child’s unique needs so that he can be more confident and independent. The law requires schools to use assistive technology devices and services “to maximize accessibility for children with disabilities.” This presentation/workshop will focus on the IDEA 2004 law that requires that IEP teams consider the Assistive Technology needs of all children with disabilities.

Grade: All
Presenter: Dr. Regina Brandon

This workshop will explore the integrated competitive employment options for people who have disabilities, including a person’s right to meaningful employment and how to advocate for person driven employment options.

Grade: All
Presenter: Ivan Guillen

This workshop is designed to introduce you to how language and second language develops. Information on developing good language skills with your child and how to support second language learning so they will become a successful English language learner will also be preseented. Find out why a child is experiencing difficulty with learning the second language or what to do if you suspect a disability.

Grade: Birth – K
Presenter: Debbie Muñoz

Listen to a panel of young adults that will be addressing questions surrounding transitions in their academic and professional lives such as:

  • How did you prepare (or how are you preparing) for the most resent transition event (including middle, high, secondary school or employment)?
  • What difficulties did you face along the way?
  • What resources have you used? What resources do you still use?
  • What skills do you have that has helped you to be successful?

Grade: 7-12
Presenters: Patty Flores-Charter & Michelle Sturm-Gonzalez

This workshop will share ideas and techniques on how parents can set up structures in the home setting for establishing daily routines as well as behavior management strategies. The presenters will also highlight the importance of a home/school collaboration plan and ongoing follow-up and communication.

Grade: K-3
Presenters: Martin Duarte & Clarisa Solís

Reading is a developmental process. This workshop will focus on the ‘transitional period’ of reading development that begins with early chapter books formats. (DRA Level 18). This workshop is appropriate for parents of students who are just beginning to read chapter book formats and for parents of students who are ‘transitional readers’.

Grade: 4-8
Presenter: Nikki Morgan

Self-Determination will soon be a reality in California. It is not just a new program but a civil rights issue. The new law, SB 468, has the potential to dramatically alter service delivery for people with developmental disabilities and their families – and significantly impact their quality of light. This session provides an overview of the law, including real-world examples. It will be geared towards people with developmental disabilities, their families and service providers. It will focus on the basics; assuming that most people have only a vague understanding of the new law, its requirements and potential impact.

Grade: All
Presenters: Yolanda Cruz & Debbie Marshall

This workshop will provide parents with basic information about the changes that puberty and adolescence bring to every child, including their son or daughter. The information is intended to help participants feel more comfortable and confident as they help their children safely navigate this important transition from childhood to adulthood. The ultimate aim is to promote the independence, personal safety, healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships and social inclusion of youth with disabilities. This workshop is appropriate for parents of primary and middle school students.

Grade: All
Presenter: Delia Lopez

We will be addressing the basic laws and rights of students with Special Needs regarding access and their impact on school district responsibilities. We will be covering considerations for students, phases in, the assessments and future planning for educational growth and success.

Grade: All
Presenters: Dennis Hernandez & Homer Lopez

This workshop will explain what steps parents can take to prepare for attending an IEP, concerns to address during an IEP, and follow-up actions after an IEP. A handout of online resources of available services, educational rights, and advocacy groups will be shared.

Grade: All
Presenter: ADELANTE Students

In this workshop we will address the path of disabilities from the parents perspective. The workshop will start from the beginning when the parents learn about the disability of their child, the guilt feeling, fear of the unknown, decisions and sadness. Accomplished goals, preparing children to their independence when parents are not around anymore and very importantly, a word of advice to the new generation of parents that are starting in the long road of the developmentally disabilities and the importance of belonging to a parent support group.

Grade: Adult
Presenter: Raquel Arce-Vasquez

Student Leadership Program

“What if …” Conflict-Resolution for Transition-Aged Individuals

Join our conversations with students as they are presented with real-life scenarios that involve problems people encounter academically and in the community. Wouldn’t it feel good to know how to deal with a problem in school, work, community, or in an emergency situation? Steps to help individuals deal with difficult situations will be provided as well as time to discuss the “what ifs” of independent living.

Grade: 9-12
Presenters: Patty Flores-Charter & Michelle Sturm-Gonzalez

Conference Focus

  • Working with English Learners:
    • Language
    • Literacy for ALL Children
    • Preschool-Secondary
    • (Home ● School ● Community Connection)

Sponsored By:

  • The Department of Special Education SDSU
  • Adelante Project, SDSU
  • Southern Area International Languages Network (SAILN), SDSU
  • Dual Language and English Learner Program, SDSU
  • Parents Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Sweetwater Union High School District
  • South County SELPA
  • Harold J. Ballard Parent Center
  • State Council on Developmental Disabilities, San Diego, Imperial Office
  • San Diego Regional Center (SDRC)
  • Disability Rights California
  • Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)
  • Exceptional Family Resource Center
  • The California Southern Optimist Clubs (15)
  • Molina Health Care
  • Arc of San Diego & Other Organizations/Agencies